The Western Wonders Tour

14 days 13 nights
Tour Details

One of our exclusive package tours, the Western Wonderlands tour is a shorter version of our Journey to the West. Packed with tons of activities and sights we see what western Mongolia's fascinating lands offer. From visiting the Roof of Mongolia, Altai Tavan Bogd to seeing the Old Capital Kharkhorum, be prepared for comfort and adventure!

Price Includes

  • Meals throughout the tour /authentic Mongolian dishes including a barbecue and khorkhog/
  • Hotel room and accommodation throughout the tour
  • Transportation including a flight back to Ulaanbaatar
  • Specially crafted gifts from us
  • Photos and Drone video making
  • On-site cover travel insurance
  • Horse and Camel ride
  • Motor-boating and rafting
  • Letter of invitation for Mongolian Visa

Price Not Includes

  • Personal expenses
  • Mongolian Visa fees
  • Airplane ticket to/from Mongolia
  • Excess luggage charge


Starting our tour, we visit the Old Capital Kharkhorum and see majestic sands that split the land in two and river that flows dozens of meters below Rocky cliffs. Finally, we shall travel to and rest at the exctinct volcano that is located by a freshwater river.


On this day, we drive to Chuluutin Gol and see the magnificent Chuluut cliff. From here, we head to our resort located by the Terkhiin White Lake. There, we will go trekking and spend a day as one with nature. A fantastic dinner will be prepared by the team. 


We continue our journey from a river formed from a volcanic eruption that took place thousands of years ago and go on horse back to the very mountain that formed the land. We will also visit the mesmerising White Lake and explore the beautiful landscape while enjoying delicious cuisine in the evening.  


We continue onward to Ikh-Uul sum of Zavkhan Province where we will be warmly greeted. This remarkable land is rich with many nomad cultures and stories. This land is also named the Land of the 1000 Yaks and tourists may see the biggest Yak gathering visible nowhere else in Mongolia. Apart from all of this, we shall meet the everyday life of a nomad Mongol family and experience this fabulous culture. Ever wondered how to prepare and survive on traditional nomadic food? If you wish to learn the process and take part in it step by step, you are more than welcome to try. 


We set out first thing in the morning from Ikh-Uul and see numerous rivers, lakes and ponds on the way. The highlight of this day is the majestic Ulaagchin Khar Lake, also known as the Pearl in the Sand. We spend our day near the lake while enjoying numerous activities and sightseeing the remarkable formation of the land. 


On this day we go motor-boating on a beautiful lake that contains a handful of small islands. The area around the lake is fascinating and makes numerous activities possible. Traveling on horseback and enjoying the peace of the wilderness will definitely be a thrilling adventure.


On this day, we shall experience one of the most unbelievable natural phenomenons, a river that flows from the sands. We travel 45-50km to our destination and stop for a small fiesta. We will also go sandboarding from a 450 meter high sand dune in addition to countless sand sport activities. 


We set out from our resort early in the morning and visit the 4th Largest Lake in Mongolia. This majestic lake contains countless small islands and holds a spectacular view. Our main feature of the day will be holding a barbaque and spending the night underneath the thousands of stars. 


We depart early in the morning to see the majestic cliff where wolves leap. The sight of this phenomenon and this gallant creature is definitely one to remember. We shall view this exotic lake and its islands, dine and camp here for the night. This will also be a great opportunity to listen to various Mongol stories and legends. 


The Tolbo (Spot) river was formed and created from the Ice Age and yields a 4 meter high island in the middle. The scenery is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sceneries as it is surrounded by dozens of snowcapped mountains. We shall spend the night here and have a speculator bonfire night while listening to the relaxing sound of the lake. 


We set out early from Tolbo River to Bayan-Ulgii. This province is located within the Altai Mountain range and has a considerably colder temperature. Our resort is located 5 km from here and holds breathtaking views. Apart from the view and activities we will fully witness the true culture and mouthwatering cuisine of the Khazakh nomads, an ethnic group that is greatly unique compared to others.


We continue our journey and head to the westernmost region of Mongolia, the Altai Mountain Range and settle at a local Khazakh family at the foot of the mountain. There, we meet the life and culture of a Khazakh family and their amazing hospitality. 


The snowy peak of Altai Mountain is Mongolia's highest peak and we continue our journey to the Icy River that flows from the mountains. From here we shall ride the fabled two humped camels that are only seen in Mongolia. A trip beyond your imaginations.


After breakfast and some sightseeing, we board our flight back to the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. There, our journey comes to an end.