Mongolia has 4 seasons and depending on which season, you’ll need a lot of things.

Generally, the summers are hot, the winters are cold and the spring and fall are in between. When packing for your tour try to pack light and comfortable so that your luggage won’t hinder your adventure. Find out more about the climate Here

When it comes to clothes you may need:

  • Comfortable boots for walking (not too heavy) – Probably one of the most important things to bring. Mongolian terrain is rugged and makes walking and trekking easier.
  • Rubber slippers to wear in ger camp and tourist resort bathrooms
  • Sandals may also be an option
  • Casual clothes to wear in the city
  • Warm coat or jacket – Though its mostly warm and sunny in the summer, sometimes the weather gets really chilly in the evening and nights.
  • Raincoat (optional) – For when it rains.
  • Short sleeved T-shirts – For the sunny morning and afternoon.
  • Shorts – Needed for the sunny morning and afternoon.
  • Trousers – Needed for the evening and the pesky mosquitos
  • Long sleeved shirts – Needed for the same reason
  • Hat –Helpful when its sunny. Sometimes it is burning hot and a hat will prevent you from getting sun sick.

Now for some supplies:

  • Large, Spacious Bag – Having a large bag to put your necessary items is usually a good idea. Moving your belongings is also easy and its fairly easy to maintain.
  • Small backpack or bag – In addition to your large bag, having a small, easy to carry around bag may also be necessary. To put things that you may need to carry around like a camera, phone, napkins, money… etc.
  • Sun glasses – For when it gets sunny.
  • Water bottle – To keep you refreshed and hydrated.
  • Batteries – For your lights and virtually everything that works with batteries. Keeping a handful supply may come in handy.
  • Personal medication – Though we provide first-aid kits and basic medication you may need to bring your own based on your travel knowledge, allergic symptoms... etc.
  • Headlamp or Torch – For visibility in the evening. Can also be used inside the tent and also makes reading possible.
  • Camera – The best part of traveling is sightseeing. And recording these moments is crucial.
  • Binoculars – When you want to take a good look at everything! Seeing animals and majestic attractions from a distance is also a thrilling experience.
  • Toiletries - Towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid soap… etc.
  • Transformer – You may need a transformer socket for your chargers and devices to fit. Most sockets in Mongolia are Schuko/Russian type.
  • Sunscreen – Things get really heated here sometimes. So carrying some sun screen/lotion will definitely come in handy.
  • Insect Repellent – Mosquitoes are sometimes a menace. They are mostly found in the evenings. So sleeved clothes and insect repellent will provide you with protection.

A schuko type socket