Winter is the coldest season with plenty of ice and snow while summer is hot with frequent rain showers. Autumn and spring are in between meaning it is neither too hot nor cold. However, spring weather changes rapidly and you may experience multiple weathers in a single day! 

Month by Month

January - January in Mongolia is very cold. Sometimes even dropping below -30 degrees. We also get to see lots of snow. 

February – February is the start of spring and it gets warmer throughout the country. But we still we snow and ice.

March – Strong wind is quite frequent in March. Snow melts and spring arrives with sub-zero temperature.

April – With regular dust storms and wind blows the warmth is finally here in April.

May – In May, the weather really begins to heat. Tourists begin to visit Mongolia and ger camps open in the countryside.

June – Temperatures reach 20 to 30 degrees in June. With lots of sunshine and rain showers the grasslands start to gain the evergreen color.

July – July is the peak travel season of Mongolia. Weather is hot and perfect for traveling. The grand Naadam festival also happens in July. This is the month of celebration and relaxation.

August - August may even be the best month when it comes to weather. Temperature is pleasant without much dust.

September – Summer ends and weather becomes cooler. But it is still a fine season to travel if you don’t prefer too much heat.

October – Weather becomes cool but not too cold. Ger camps start to close as the end of Mongolia’s travel season approaches.

November – Temperature drops below zero degrees and winter draws closer.

December – In December, the real Mongolian winter begins. The Sky Ski Resort opens near Ulaanbaatar and things start to get really chilly. 


Average Monthly Temperature