A ger is the traditional dwelling Mongolians have been living in for thousands of years. It is a circular wood frame covered with felt for warmth. The ger has been one of the most important parts of our history for its convenience and reliability. A typical ger can be assembled and disassembled in 2-3 hours and it is compact enough for 3 horses, yaks or camels to carry without a problem.

In the center of the ger there is a stove with a chimney attached to it that goes up through the roof or the crown of the ger. During wintertime a ger heats up incredibly fast because the dome shape distributes heat evenly throughout the ger while in the summer it is cool and well ventilated. Generally, a single household has 2 gers. One for shelter and one for cooking and storing dairy products. 

There are a handful of products you can make from dairies. Gers vary significantly in size. The ger is considered to be the most eco-friendly dwelling in the world as it requires nothing but what nature offers. The felts come from sheep wool, the wood and the leather straps that hold the pieces together are all handmade. A ger yields great historic value and as such diplomats, parliament members and even the President of Mongolia hold meetings inside a ger.