Mongolian traditional foods and drinks have been a part of its culture for many generations. Using natural and healthy ingredients, every dish is unique in both its nature and taste. Below are some of the most famous Mongolian traditional foods and drinks.



Khuushuur is a traditional Mongolian meat pastry. The main ingredients are meat and flour, making vegetables optional. Khuushuur is delicious and Mongolians don’t serve it everyday. It is also eaten during the Naadam Festival as the primary meal of the celebration.


Khorkhog is a unique meal that is cooked with hot stones inside. It is the only food in the world cooked by this method. The meat and vegetables are extremely tasty while the soup relieves any illnesses. Holding and juggling the hot stones are also good for one’s health.


Aaruul /Dried Curd/ is made from milk curdle. The curdle is formed into different shapes and dried. Sugar may also be added, giving it a sweet taste. The sweet ones are known as “Khorkhoi Aaruul”. It is also super healthy and provides lots of calcium, making it a popular and demanding choice for both adults and children.


Boortsog /Fried Dough/ is a traditional Mongolian sweet. Adding sugar gives it a sweet taste. People also eat Boortsog with fruit jam for breakfast and snacks. It is soft, sweet and appropriate for people of all ages. In Mongolia, no one resists freshly fried dough.


Airag, also known as Kumis is a traditional Mongolian drink. It is fermented mare milk that people drink regularly and during festivals. Though not an alcoholic drink, too much airag may leave you tipsy. It has a sour taste and Mongolian men also compete against each other in a drinking contest. 


Buuz /Steamed dumplings/ is a traditional Mongolian meal. It is enjoyed throughout the country for its unique and deliciousness. Buuz is usually made with meat, however it can also be made with vegetables. Eating buuz is also a large part of celebrating the Mongolian Lunar New Year Festival.