Cashmere is an ultra-fine material obtained from goats. Cashmere is more durable, lighter and 8 times warmer than wool. Mongolia has 4 seasons, the winters being harsh and frigid with dry and hot summers. During the winter time the goats adapt and grows hair naturally to protect themselves from the cold which makes it extremely soft and warm to use for cashmere products. In springtime the goats are ready for molting and every goat is combed by hand. 

Mongolian goats have 4 distinct colors which are white, light brown, brown and most importantly the blue-tinted grey cashmere which only exists in Mongolia. It is also the rarest color cashmere in the world. There has been a significant increase in cashmere production in the last decade as our quality, quantity and expertise rose. The major companies have already established their position domestically and now they are pushing hard to make Mongolian cashmere known and expand internationally. Major companies such as the Gobi LLC have already found success in fashion shows in Japan, Italy and Scotland. Currently Mongolia provides 40% of all cashmere exports in the world ranked 2nd with a projection to be the largest manufacturer of cashmere by 2020 with its 22 million goats.