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Mongol Warriors

The Mongol warriors under the command of Genghis Khan were disciplined and experienced fighters. All men above the age of 16 were able to be dra...

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Mongol Ger

A ger is the traditional dwelling Mongolians have been living in for thousands of years. It is a circular wood frame covered with felt for warmt...

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Cashmere is an ultra-fine material obtained from goats. Cashmere is more durable, lighter and 8 times warmer than wool. Mongolia has 4 seasons, ...

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Winter is the coldest season with plenty of ice and snow while summer is hot with frequent rain showers. Autumn and spring are in between meanin...

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Food and Drinks

Mongolian traditional foods and drinks have been a part of its culture for many generations. Using natural and healthy ingredients, every dish i...

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Mongolian VISA

Most countries need a VISA to travel to Mongolia. However, there are a handful of countries that are exempt from obtaining a Mongolian Visa. You...

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