Most countries require a visa to gain entry to Mongolia. However, there are some countries that are exempt from this. To find out more about the Mongolian Visa click <Here>

Mongolia’s climate is rapidly changing. It is mostly a good idea to keep a balance of warm clothes and sleeveless clothes (shorts, t-shirts). Find out more <Here>

Mongolia has 4 seasons and all are different from each other. Winters are snowy and cold, sometimes even reaching -30 degree Celcius. Summers are hot with frequent rain showers. Autumn is probably the best weather, since its neither too hot nor cold. Spring is the most “unstable” season where the weather changes rapidly. Sometimes you may even experience the other 3 seasons within one day. However, the climate is also neither too cold nor hot.

Learn more about detailed climate and weather here. <Learn more>

The peak travel season is July. May to September is mostly popular as the weather is warm and traveling is easy. However, if you wish to experience the Mongolian winter and snow festivals, visiting in winter is also viable.

A ger /yurt/ has been the traditional housing of Mongols for many centuries. Many people still use it today including some people in the city. The main feature of the ger would be that it is easy to pack and unpack. It is the true symbol of the nomadic lifestyle. Learn more about the Mongol ger and its features <Here>

If you take a flight to Mongolia it will land in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Direct flights to Ulaanbaatar go from Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin and Moscow. You may also travel Mongolia by train from Beijing or Moscow, but it will take more time although it is cheaper.

More than 90% of Mongolia’s nature is still untouched. The nature itself has a perfect mixture of mountains, lakes, forests, cliffs and deserts. In addition, Mongolia is home to the last nomad culture and travelers may fully experience this old way of living with us. In addition to all of this, Mongolia is currently ranked number 7 on the best countries to visit list by the Lonely Planet. No wonder. 

Our featured tour is the longest and one of the most luxurious package tours available here. While traveling for over 5000km we will see countless exotic destinations. For the duration of 26 days we will cover everything needed.

As for our other tours we provide the finest quality for every necessity. You will be comfortable and your tour will be convenient while you experience a whole new culture!

No. It is relatively cheap compared to other expensive countries.

Flour, meat and rice are your main components. Most Mongolians include meat in their diets, but there is also room for vegetarians. Eggs and vegetables are also popular. Find out more about popular Mongolian cuisine and dishes <Here>

Every bank can exchange your money to Mongol Tugriks. Most services accept only Tugriks. However, only some hotels or businesses will accept dollars or other currencies. So, keeping Tugriks with you is a good idea. 

We currently do not offer private tours. Our travel group currently consists of a maximum of 12 people so there is no worry if you feel like its too crowded or swarming with people. However, 

In some cases we may review this request. Please contact us by e-mail at booking@artisan.mn and we will get back to this matter as soon as possible.

People from Asia, America, Australia and Europe have joined us in our Journey to the West. But mostly, Japanese, American, Russian and Australian people have joined us. This mostly depends on the year. 

We currently accept bank transfer for those who are booking online/abroad. If you are booking in person or from Mongolia, you may pay by cash, credit card and bank transfer. 

Write to us from the e-mail address that you used to make the reservation. Also provide to us your full name, tour name and date. Write to booking@artisan.mn  

Travel insurance is already included when you purchase our tour. However, you may also purchase trip cancellation travel insurance in case the tour is cancelled for force majeure or unpreventable reasons. 

In “Journey to the West” we include a complementary airport pick-up service. For other tours, additional charges will apply if you wish to have an airport pickup arranged. Select the option when you are booking.

If you purchase our “Journey to the West” tour, hotel room accommodation will be included in the package. Other tours do not include the hotel room stay when you are in the city. Just be sure to choose the option when you are booking. If you wish to have a room booked just in case, we will be glad to assist you.

Yes. Mongolia is one of the safest countries in the world with no terrorist attacks, civil wars or imminent threats. However, be mindful of your belongings as pick pocketing is a common problem in every large city.

All tourist camps are of the highest quality. Most camps offer traditional Mongolian gers for accommodation. There are generally 2 to 4 beds in a single ger. In addition, there are large dining gers, souvenir shops and proper bathrooms. 

It is not advisable to drink it directly. If boiled however, the water is fine. Grocery stores and supermarkets also supply fresh mineral water.

We operate with numerous fine hotels in the city. The featured ones would be world famous chains and one that overlooks the central square. We may find the most appropriate hotel that suits your needs and requirements, all of which are of the highest quality.

Find out more about our cancellation terms and conditions in our bookings section <here>